NICU (neonatal special care unit)

As a part of the delivery department, the NICU department is ready to accept and provide services to your dear babies with the presence of nursing and midwifery staff and experienced pediatricians

The NICU unit has 6 intensive care beds and 9 incubators


What mothers experience in this section

Performing KMC (Mother's Hug Care)

milking and milk storage and maintenance (use of electric milking machine)

Milking training through the person in charge of milk monitoring using educational aids (pamphlets, videos, face-to-face training)

The possibility of donating breast milk to Shiro Bank, as well as using breast milk (especially for premature babies)

Hospitalization of babies who need a special ward for babies (bed for CPAP, ventilator, cooling, jaundice, convulsions, hypoglycemia, etc.)