The most important and the biggest goal of childbirth preparation classes is to give information and awareness to pregnant mothers. The mother's fears will gradually disappear as she gains awareness and her wrong thoughts will be corrected. These classes help women cope with or solve possible pregnancy problems. The self-confidence of the pregnant mother increases in these classes and she learns to relieve many pains during pregnancy without the need for medication

Fear of what will happen later also causes anxiety in mothers. Stress and anxiety release hormones in the body that can increase the chances of premature labor and low birth weight babies. Training classes can also prevent some possible risks by reducing the stress of pregnancy. Teaching how to take care of the baby properly is another goal of these classes. In these classes, you will learn how to breastfeed and care for a baby, and you will be able to identify warning signs in a baby. The Maternal Clinic of Hazrat Zahra Marzieh Hospital is ready to accept pregnant mothers from 16 to 36 weeks of pregnancy

For more information and possible questions, contact 03134456061 extensions 2595 (pregnant mother's clinic) during office hours

To register, please pay the fee to the card number 5859838800172235 in the name of Hazrat Zahra Marzieh Hospital and Darshifa, and then contact the mobile number 09903153192 for coordination

First session: pelvic anatomy and common complaints during pregnancy 80,000 Tomans
The second session: nutrition during pregnancy and correction of the situation 80,000 Tomans
The third session: mental health and choosing the type of delivery (spouses session) 80,000 Tomans
The fourth session: Reducing the pain of natural childbirth with easy ways, danger signs and methods to reduce labor pain 80,000 Tomans

The fifth session: stages of childbirth, breathing techniques and necessary equipment for childbirth 80,000 Tomans
Sixth session: postpartum period, newborn jaundice, newborn care 80,000 Tomans
Seventh session: Breastfeeding 80,000 Tomans
Eighth session: measures to facilitate childbirth, pressure points and perineal massage 80,000 Tomans

Parenting training courses

Half of the cost of the class, for mothers who give birth in this hospital, will be returned at the time of delivery