Gynecology and obstetrics clinic

Gynecology and obstetrics clinic as a part of the maternity department of the hospital with the presence of experienced Gynecologist are ready to receive and provide services to respected clients

The gynecology and obstetrics clinic welcomes mothers and women in the morning and evening shifts with the presence of gynecologists

What mothers experience in this section

Carrying out detailed physical examinations of the mother and fetus by midwives and gynecologists

Measuring blood pressure and examining the height of the uterus and the growth of the fetus and the level of the heart sound of the fetus

Training and counseling to participate in childbirth preparation classes

Holding a breastfeeding class (free) for mothers while waiting for a doctor's visit

Consultation with an obstetrician for problems related to pregnancy

Performing gynecological examinations and pap smear (cervical cancer screening), breast examination (breast cancer screening)

Internet appointment

For the well-being of dear patients and expectant mothers, the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic uploads the online appointment of gynecologists and obstetricians one week earlier than mothers and women visit, so that they can easily book their appointment online