Medical Tourism

Medical tourism (also called health tourism, surgical tourism, medical travel) is international traveling for more than a day and less than a year with the purposes of maintaining, developing or regaining physical and mental health

International Patients Department (IPD) : A department in a hospital responsible for giving diagnostic and treatment services to foreign and VIP patients

International Patient

A foreign person who comes to a hospital to use diagnostic and/or medical services. An Approach that has been used in successful countries in the field of health tourism, is the establishment and initiation of International Patients Departments (IPD) in hospitals which is approved and used as a bridge between foreign patients and all divisions of a hospital in a worldwide scale and simplifies the necessary processes such as examination, diagnosis, treatment and prepares an enjoyable stay for the patient and their entourage in VIP rooms

General Objectives of the International Patient Department

  • Supervision on the quality of services and facilities.
  • Ensure use of brand new technologies and highly skilled personnel to complete the treatment of patients within the fastest period of time possible.
  • Coordination with the admission department (for the reception of patient), PDI doctors (for the first visit), release department (for the estimation of treatment costs), controling the services provided for international patients through the related organizations.
  • The person in charge of all the affairs related to an international patient is the IPD doctor. An international patient would approach the hospital through a tourism organization then after a warm welcome and receiving the documents, the patient would be recepted and accompanied by the PDI expert. Services provided to international patients are out of turn to ensure the ideal pace and quality.

The most important services of IPD :

  • Consulting with the PDI Doctor
  • Acknowledge the patient of all the new medical technologies
  • Possibility of receiving the medical files remotely before physical reception
  • VIP rooms
  • Access to translator
  • High speed internet access
  • Off menu food orders
  • Fast and secure intracity transportation
  • Pre arrangements with hotels that have easy access to the hospital
  • Summary of medical file and receipt will be delivered in English upon dismissal

IPD Doctors List

- Dr. Mustafa Moqtadaei (specialist in blood diseases and cancer (hematology-oncology) for children)
- Dr. Mohammad Pak Tinat (specialist in children's brain and nervous diseases (pediatric neurology))
- Dr. Ahmadreza Abedi (superspecialist in neonatal and perinatal medicine)
- Dr. Amirreza Fotovvat (specialist in kidney and urinary tract surgery)
- Dr. Kamran Boveyri (specialized neuro-oncology fellowship (kidney, urinary tract and prostate cancers))
- Dr. Hossein Mahmoudi (renal transplant superspecialty fellowship)
- Dr. Mohammad Harandizadeh (specialist in advanced laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgeries)
- Dr. Amin Bahreini (specialist in liver, pancreas and bile duct surgery, liver and gallbladder laparoscopy, liver and kidney transplant)
- Dr. Mansoure Pejman Manesh (Fellowship in Infertility, IVF and Laparoscopy)
- Dr. Saeid Abrishamkar (superspecialist and neurosurgeon and spine surgeon)
- Dr. Pouria Hamdani (specialist in endocrinology and metabolism (endocrinology))
- Dr. Farzan Heydari (Adult Kidney Specialist (Adult Nephrology))
- Dr. Mehdi Sebt Rowzati (specialist in rheumatology and joint diseases)
- Dr. Hojatollah Rahimi (specialist in digestive diseases, adult liver)
- Dr. Mehran Esmaeili (superspecialist in endoscopic liver gastroenterology and children's nutrition)
- Dr. Hossein Nili Ahmadabadi (specialist in gastroenterology, liver and bile ducts)
- Dr. Saeid Matinkhah (specialist in digestive diseases, adult liver)
- Dr. Ahmad Kadkhodaei (adults digestive and liver disease specialist)
- Dr. Rahmatollah Rafiei (superspecialist in gastrointestinal diseases, liver and endoscopy)
- Dr. Mohammad Hassan Emami (specialist in digestive diseases, liver and pancreas)

Admission Process
Controlling the treatment costs

When using the services of Zahraye Marzieh hospital, please take notice that the price of excellent medical services in this hospital and in general in the country of Iran is quite lower compared to developed countries. Specialized doctors in all fields alongside the latest technologies and equipment from the best companies in the world, offer the same treatment as European and American countries, while the cost of these services are much lower than the same services in the mentioned countries. For further information you can ask the approximate treatment expenses from IPD expert of the hospital. IPD expert would inform you of the approximate costs of residence and treatment after consulting with the international patients finances sector. Some of these costs have been mentioned in this website.

Welfare amenities for patients and their entourage

* English, Arabic and Turkish translators
* Employees that are fluent in English
* Taxis
* Banks
* Ambulance service
* Private rooms
* Preparation of all kinds of food
* Prayer room
* Coffee shops
* Dry cleaning services

- If necessary, the required arrangements for the residence of patients and their entourage in high quality hotels near the hospital would be made.

Approximate costs of medical procedures for foreign patients

* For further information, Click on the name of the procedure

General Information :

International Patients Department (IPD) is located on the second floor of building number 5. international patients who want to use the services and facilities of this Institution, will be hospitalized in the VIP section of IPD (second floor of the building number 5) after finishing the phase of reception. This  section has 2 rooms which contain one bed each along with medical equipment and facilities meant for the patient's welfare and comfort. patients with all kinds of surgeries such as urology, general surgery, neurosurgery, gynaecology, orthopedic surgery, ENT surgery and etc. can be hospitalized in these rooms


Necessary documents for International patients :

  • Patients' passport for reception and identification
  • All previous treatment records such as Radiology, Sonography, MRI, CT Scan, heart tests and any previous examination results to control the treatment process of the patient


Admission of international patients :

According to the IPD protocols, international patients would be accompanied to the Admission of international patients section upon their arrival. If the patient is having their first stay at Zahraye Marzieh hospital, their information would be submitted to the system according to their passport, otherwise the previous information would be thoroughly checked and any modifications in case necessary, would be applied. In case the patient has had pre-arrangements with the hospital, the reception process would immediately start upon arrival and a meeting with the IPD doctor would be scheduled and after complete examinations, if surgeries or any special medical procedures are required, they would be taken into action. If the patient approaches the hospital without pre-arrangements, IPD would accelerate the admission processes and in the meanwhile an appointment for examinations will be set for the patient. It is worth mentioning that during their stay at the Zahraye Marzieh hospital, patients' welfare and conditions are monitored by the IPD expert constantly and a daily routine of visit will take place.


International Patient Department Contact info :

  • Address : Iran, Isfahan, Qods square, Majlesi street, Zahraye Marzieh Hospital
  • Phone : +98 (31) 34456061 - 4
  • IPD expert : Ms. Fatemeh Saami
  • IPD doctors : Dr. Farshad Parham - Dr. Saeid Ghasemi
  • E-mail Address : /