Maternity Ward

As a part of the hospital's delivery department, the maternity department is ready to receive and provide services to respected clients with the presence of experienced gynecologists

The main duty of the maternity Ward is to take care of pregnant mothers during pregnancy and to create safe and controlled conditions for a safe and comfortable delivery. The care of healthy babies born in this hospital and babies who need to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. It is done in this hospital

This unit is considered to be one of the busiest departments of the hospital for performing natural childbirth, it has 9 LDR delivery beds, 9 postpartum beds, and 4 beds under observation

Equipped with the facilities of medicinal and non-medicinal analgesia methods in this section, it is one of the most important points that make young mothers trust to perform safe and low-risk natural childbirth

The maternity hospital welcomes pregnant mothers with any symptoms of pregnancy risk 24 hours a day, and access to a gynecologist is available 24 hours a day for mothers


What mothers experience in this section

Control of abnormal cases during pregnancy and referral to a gynecologist

Examining fetal movements and doing NST

Giving birth naturally

Caring for mothers with high blood pressure (poisoning during pregnancy)

Teaching the method of breastfeeding and controlling the first breastfeeding of the baby by the mother after delivery

Follow-up of mothers and babies up to 42 days after delivery and free breastfeeding counseling

7-The presence of the patient's spouse (companion) is possible in all the rooms of the maternity ward so that they can have a good memory with their spouse and be a factor in reducing the pain of their spouse's childbirth

Further information

Tariff for natural childbirth and caesarean section

yearType of insuranceNatural vaginal deliverySection
1403Social security and treatment services11million tomans12million tomans
1403Armed Forces5to 6 million tomans5to 6 million tomans


The amounts are approximate and there is a possibility of a change of up to 10% in the costs

 The announced amounts are only for one day of hospitalization of the mother in the general room, and if the length of stay is extended, the costs will increase