The midwifery unit as a part of the maternity department of the hospital with the presence of nursing and midwifery staff and experienced gynecologists are ready to receive and provide services to pregnant mothers and women

The midwifery unit with 21 public beds and 12 private beds welcomes you

The preparation of pregnant mothers with the hospitalization order for section surgery and the hospitalization order for women's surgery is done directly from the admission unit of this department, and post-surgery care continues in this department

All the rooms of the midwifery department are equipped with central heating and cooling systems and call bells for nurses and midwives

The rooms of the midwifery department have a separate bathroom. For the well-being of mothers after giving birth, counseling and breastfeeding unit, audiometric services (audiometry), and vaccination of newborns after birth are performed at the mother's bedside in this department


What mothers experience in this section

Free breastfeeding consultation after birth

Audiometry at the mother's bedside

Vaccination of newborns after birth at the mother's bedside

A pediatrician's visit after birth at the mother's bedside

Receive morning and evening snacks

The midwifery department of Hazrat Zahra Marziyeh Hospital is located on the first floor of building number 5 of the hospital and provides services to patients with 27 active beds. This department provides services to clients by having gynecologists and nursing staff and midwifery experts in every shift. Hospitalized cases in this department include patients with hysterectomy surgery, section, natural childbirth, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cyst, etc

It is not possible for the wife to be present in the midwifery department, but the presence of 2 female companions is possible in private rooms. The presence of men is done only during the visiting hours every day in the midwifery department