As a part of the maternity department of the hospital, the mothers' clinic, with the presence of experienced midwifery experts, is ready to provide services to prepare mothers for a comfortable delivery


What mothers experience in this section

Participating in childbirth preparation classes (face-to-face/online)

Exercising during pregnancy (in the gym in the clinic)

Participating in fathers' workshops, preparing fathers for childbirth, and helping mothers during pregnancy

Training on danger signs, pain reduction methods, breastfeeding, mother and baby care, pressure points, perineal massage, posture correction, nutrition during pregnancy, and common complaints during pregnancy

Participation in parenting courses (parent-child relationship)

Participation in the Sexual education of children

To register for childbirth preparation courses, refer to the training course and maternity tour section, which is uploaded on the hospital's website

To get an accompanying midwife, please call Mother clinic unit at phone number 03134456061 and extension 2595