Painless delivery

Physiological natural vaginal delivery has many advantages; But its pain causes many mothers to fear even its name and refuse to choose natural vaginal delivery; But if you know that there is also a natural childbirth without pain, you will definitely reconsider

According to the recommendations of doctors and the countless benefits of natural childbirth, today this method has gained more fans than cesarean section. Childbirth is a natural process and a painful experience during which the mother suffers a lot of pain due to uterine contractions. Different women give different answers to this process

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Apart from natural methods such as breathing exercises and exercise that should be done to reduce pain, there is another method in which the pain of childbirth is significantly reduced by using a medicine called "Epidural"

This procedure should be performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist in the operating room. In a natural, painless delivery, the drug is injected into the pregnant woman through the spinal cord at the end of the lower back to prevent the transmission of pain signals from the uterus to the brain

With the injection of this drug, a feeling of numbness is gradually created in the uterus; But the contractions continued and the mother is able to push the baby out. During the delivery process, the heart rate of the mother and the baby is checked regularly

The biggest advantage of an epidural is its potential for a painless delivery. While the contractions still continue, the pain is significantly reduced. During this type of birth, the mother is still aware of the birth and able to move around


Other benefits of epidural delivery

It is a very effective method

Very few complications

A mother can have the power to push during childbirth