The experience of giving birth to a child is a sweet experience that many women may want to fully witness. The pain caused by natural childbirth may reduce the pleasure of this experience; While going through the process of natural birth in water, this is not the case. Water birth is a type of birth in which at least part of the labor process or the entire birth takes place in a deep pool filled with warm water. Many women choose this method because of its advantages, such as a calmer environment with less pain, so that they can witness the sweet moment of their baby's birth. The maternity hospital of Hazrat Zahra Marzieh Hospital has a room equipped with a hot tub and the necessary facilities for giving birth in water


Benefits of water birth

A sense of relief: many may choose methods such as epidural to reduce their pain. This is despite the fact that pregnancy in water can also increase the production of pain-inhibiting hormones and reduce the production of stress hormones, giving birth with less pain and more peace. On the other hand, giving birth in water with the presence of a spouse or other loved ones can give the mother a more relaxed feeling

Shorter labor: Because of the buoyancy in the water, many women find it easier to move and change positions during labor. This will reduce the delivery time

Less need for painkillers and painkillers: the presence of warm water can bring relaxation. On the other hand, it may cause more release of endorphins and improve the blood flow in the uterine muscles, which can help you in natural control of childbirth pain

Reducing the risk of vaginal rupture: due to the greater relaxation of the body, it is easier to control the birthing process, and this may reduce the possibility of vaginal rupture